Watch Fantasy Movies

Watch Fantasy Movies

Unlike fantasy fiction movies, whose content is based on scientific facts to a certain degree, take the nether to the world, where the audience can not have events that can happen in real life. In mythological or mythical times, they exceed the limits of human likelihood and physical laws. Fantasy films are often in the context of a character’s imagination, dreams, or hallucinations, or the reflected vision of a story. Fantasy movies are usually a magic, a legend, a curiosity, an escape and an extraordinary element. Depending on the particular film, they may appeal to both children and adults.

In fantasy movies, the hero usually goes through some kind of mystical experience and has to ask for help from the strong, superhuman forces outside. The story is typical of ancient Greek mythological figures or Arabian Nights. Flying chiles, magic swords and spells, dragons and ancient religious remains or objects are common elements. Strange and imaginary, invented lands include science-fiction worlds, unreal worlds, fairytale settings or other whimsical regions (eg, Shangri-La or Brigadoon). The oldest sci-fi writers (H. G. Wells and Jules Verne) have created fantasy worlds and / or travels – many fantastic movie stories.

Typically, the dominant characters in fantasies are princes or princesses.

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