Led TL 4000K

Led TL 4000K



Led tl 4000K long life time. The product has a lifetime of 25,000 hours. This lifetime is minimal. With good care, the time can be extended with smooth use. 4000 K is known as neutral white color. It is formed from a combination of aluminum and plastic material. It has a beam angle of 170 degrees. It is at the energy level of a+. 1499 mm. it has a length of. It’s the lighting product that is the longest in size. It has a consumption power of 24 W.


Suitable for outdoor. Heat and water resistant. Its length is ideal. Can be used for heights of more than 3 meters. You can start saving immediately by buying the product. It’is the best quality led product for your lighting needs.


İt’s service life and service life are increasing at the same rate. İt’s very efficient in energy saving. It is therefore preferable. People who use led tl verlichting are happy. Because it saves energy. Ensures reliable product use. Provides professional work in lighting systems. They get full efficient results from the product. The advantages of LED TL are quite large. To take advantage of these advantages, you can also look at our website. You can review and order the LED TL 4000K product on our website.


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